Exmoor ~ Still England but another world...

Lynmouth makes an ideal location from which to discover North Devon &Exmoor National Park. Take a day or two just exploring Exmoor; stunning scenery; magnificent wildlife; unspoilt villages and views to remember forever . . . Porlock, Exford, Dunster and Dulverton are all within easy reach.

The greatest concentration of Red Deer in England

Highest coastal cliffs in England at 800ft/244m high

Over 1200 kms/750 miles of way marked "Rights Of Way"

Well over 550 kms/340 miles of mountain bike and off-road cycling trails

Inspired writers the like of Coleridge, Shelley,  Southey, Wordsworth, R.D. Blackmore to TedHughes,Henry Williamson, MargaretDrabble and James Herbert

England's Tallest Tree! - On the Crown Estate's Dunster Forest Tall Trees Trail a Douglas Fir, Pseudotsuga Menziesii, hasbeen measured at more than 60m-197ft tall

South WestCoast Path, Britain's longest national trail, extends all along the Exmoor coast

Longest stretchof naturally wooded coastline in the entire British Isles

Rarer than the Chinese pandathe Exmoor Pony is a unique species of annimal

2nd highest tidal rangein the world along the Exmoor coast

Dunkery Beacon with views across Porlock Vale is Exmoor's highest point at 519m/1704ft high

Exmoor was once a Royal Forest and hunting ground

In excess of 1000 different flowering plantsand grasses flourish on Exmoor

Exmoor's coastline has gained recognition as a 'Heritage Coast'

Exmoor's cliffs provide one of the longest and most isolated seacliff traverses in Britain

The 'Beast of Exmoor', a crypto -zoological phantom catthat is reported to roam Exmoor

A wealth of local folklore, legends and seasoned tales abound!

Exmoor National Park is 69,280 hectares/267 sq. miles in area